Flaunting fiery wordplay, drill tension and pop appeal all at once, Ivorian Doll infuses attitude into every single anthem, attracting a strong social media audience. The German-born and London-based rapper, influencer, and artist runs her own world—building a dollhouse unlike anything else in the game on her 2020 debut. 


A natural entrepreneur, she put her education on hold to pursue her music career. First, she cultivated an Instagram following with a steady stream of captivating content, Meanwhile growing her YouTube followers in just a year’s time. Inspired by Nicki Minaj, she honed a sharp signature sound rooted in raw rapping. It popped off on 2018’s “The Situation” whilst in a duo maintaining a flurry of bangers led by “Spare Me”, “No Bae”, “Bouji” and, most recently, “Queen of Drill”.